9 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

1) Switch to a biodegradable phone case. About 1.5 Billion smartphones were sold in 2018. Of course most of those would include a case, most of which are made with plastic, none of which are recycled. You can now purchase a biodegradable one.
2) Reusable sandwich bags. Making our kids lunches kills me; for some reason we HATE doing it, but it makes it that much easier when we can feel good about how we pack their lunch. We favor these reusable bags for sandwiches and snacks!
3) Reusable produce bags. About 4 TRILLION plastic bags are used annually worldwide. Almost none of which are recycled. Eliminate this by using reusable produce, grocery, and tote bags.
4) NO MORE PLASTIC STRAWS! We’ve all heard that plastic straws are one of our top single use plastic garbage items. We don’t love metal because of the feeling on our teeth, but fell in love with these as they give you the best of both worlds: reusable AND doesn’t chip your teeth!
5) The water bottle. Humans purchase 1,000,000 per MINUTE! Yes we said per MINUTE. With so many options to choose from we are loving GoGlass brand for its beautiful look, plastic free option, and leak free.
6) Look for plastic free packaging for products like laundry detergent. You can still get your favorite scents without the toxic chemicals AND enjoy the added benefit of plastic free packaging. Check out Dropps.
7) Ditch your plastic food storage containers. Stop worrying about how to re-heat your leftovers by using glass storage containers that won’t leech harmful chemicals into your food. We love them all but one of our faves is THIS ONE!
8) Dental floss!! We should all floss daily right? But with all our healthy teeth comes a TON of plastic garbage. So get your teeth clean and reduce waste by checking out some refillable dental floss options such as Dentallace.
9) Compostable, sustainable party wear. You can use disposable cutlery, plates, and bowls for your next part and still feel good about it! With Susty Party, you can chose from a variety of table wear that is fully sustainable, recyclable, and compostable.

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