Do I Have To Wear Sunscreen Everyday?

We need sun protection Every. Single. Day.

I have been a dermatology PA for close to 25 years and when I ask patients if they are wearing sunscreen daily, I often hear “No, I’m not really outside.” 

I remind people that every minute of ultraviolet light (sun) increases our risk of skin cancers and premature aging. And those minutes add up!  This includes the time in your car, getting your mail, going to the grocery store, sitting in the sunny corner of the house, or walking your best dog friend. Just look in a mirror. Most of us have tanning/discoloration and photo-aging of the face, neck, V of the chest and hands. These are the locations that get pummeled by UV radiation every single day!

But what kind of sunscreen is best? 

I always recommend a mineral based sunscreen (think Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide), since it is safer for our oceans and likely ourselves. Unlike mineral sunscreens, I find that chemical sunscreens are much more likely to cause irritation to the skin (Hey, have you ever had chemical sunscreen run in your eyes - ouch!), and it is even believed to be a possible endocrine disruptor.  Why put chemicals on your skin if you don't have to? 

However, most people complain that mineral sunscreens, in particular, feel sticky or look white on the skin.  Fear not, you won't experience this with Save the Wave Skincare Mineral Based Sunscreens!

Every sunscreen we offer is light and non greasy and you will never have that “sunscreen look”.  You will love putting them on for a smooth and flawless finish. Wear it alone or under makeup. All of our products are great for every person and every skin type! With  four options to choose from, we know you will find one (or two :) you will love. 


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