How to Layer Your Products

If you've ever thought, "Does it matter how I layer my products?", the answer is . . . .probably, but maybe not.  

Many of us need extra moisture or use serums along with our sunscreens and for many, it may matter how you apply them.  

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have found a sunscreen that provides you with all of the moisture you need. If so, feel free to use your sunscreen as your morning moisturizer.  However, for many, we tend to dry out in the winter months, or around delicate skin areas, like the eye.  For that, we often apply an extra boost of moisture (like our Biomarine Cream or Nourishing Everything OIl).  But the question is, "Do I apply that before or after my sunscreen?"

If you also need an extra dose of moisture with your sunscreen routine, here are a few simple rules:

1. When using a chemical based sunscreen (like oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, or octinoxate), sunscreen needs to be applied FIRST!  That is because the sunscreen needs to de-emulsify to absorb and apply a protective layer to the skin. Additional moisturizer should be applied after 15 minutes

2. When using a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, (such as ALL of Save the Wave Skincare Sunscreens), the order of application is not as important because a physical sunscreen does not need to absorb into the skin to function. Instead it sits on the skin to act as a physical barrier to deflect UV light. Therefore, additional moisturizer can be used before or after application of a physical sunscreen. Your choice!

3.  For that extra anti oxidant and anti aging boost, we recommend our 20% Vitamin C Serum daily!.  For best results apply this BEFORE our sunscreen and moisturizers.  

Daily sunscreen is a must.  Of course we love our line of mineral based, chemical free sunscreens to provide the most natural, effective, and safe protection against the damaging rays of the sun.  

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