Should I care about my exposure to blue light?

Do we need to protect our skin from blue light?
As if we need one more thing to worry about these days.

Blue light is a high energy visible light that can penetrate the skin deeper than other light in the same spectrum.  While blue light is not know to be associated with skin cancer like UV rays are, it is associated with premature aging of the skin.

Think of all the digital devices we use - iPhones, computers, iPads - and with so much of our lives turning digital - we can be spending upwards of 8 hours in front of these screens.

No need to panic!  And no need to get blue light specific skincare! At Save the Wave Skincare - we already got you covered! We can protect our skin from blue light exposure the same way we protect our skin from UV exposure - with topical antioxidants and mineral based sunscreens.

All of our Save the Wave Skincare sunscreen products are mineral based with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide - chemical based sunscreens do not protect from blue light!  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are naturally blue light blocking and you can choose from one of our 4 mineral based sunscreens to keep your skin looking great and healthy!  All of our sunscreens are lightweight and with 3 options that have a slight tint, makes them perfect for most skin tones - with no chalky or white residue!

Pair our sunscreen with our 20% Topical Vitamin C with Vitamin B, E and Ferulic Acid to get the best protection and antioxidant activity!  

At Save the Wave Skincare, our goal is to simplify skincare while offering the best and most effective products at any price.

Cheers to 2021
Heather + Elena

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