Skinflammation = Inflammation + Skin Aging

Inflammation + Skin Aging = SKINFLAMMATION

The connection between stress and inflammation and skin aging has been observed for hundreds of years.  Our skin is an incredibly dynamic organ that plays a vital role in our ability to sense the world, regulate our temperature, protect us from infection, and maintain homeostasis. Our skin also has a robust immune system of its own, as well as its own endocrine system. This allows the skin to be highly adaptable to acute stressors (think skin injury), but also leaves it susceptible to the detrimental effects of chronic stress which can lead to “skinflammation” and premature aging. 

Stressors come in all shapes and sizes (anyone remember the pandemic of 2020?) and can be extrinsic - coming from the outside world- such as UV exposure, pollution, smoking, alcohol, processed and sugary foods, and intrinsic stressors - think chronic pain states or other chronic diseases. 

Whatever the cause, chronic stressors leads to inflammation which leads to disrupted skin function and wound healing as well as premature and accelerated aging of the skin. 

As a new year begins, let’s look for ways to reduce the internal and external stressors as much as we can.  Quit smoking. Decrease alcohol consumption. Increase physical activity. Decrease processed food and increase fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Incorporate physical activities into your daily routine (your dog is never too tired for a walk). 

To protect your skin from external stressors such as UV light and pollution, add our detoxifying charcoal and blueberry mask to your weekly routine. Use our antioxidant 20% Vitamin C Serum, and one of our mineral based sunscreens - EVERY SINGLE DAY. Daily Calming Toner with witch hazel and lavender can soothe and balance the skin.  And don't forget. for dry skin, use one of our hydrating products such as our Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Nourishing Everything Oil, and BioMarine Cream. 

Here’s to lower stress + inflammation. We got this 2021!👊💪

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