The Zit That Keeps On Giving

You know what’s even more annoying than a pimple? The dark spot that it leaves for weeks to months after 😩.

It’s called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and it occurs after an injury to the skin (yeah, even a pimple counts as injury), and depending on our skin type, the area may be pink/red to purple/brown. It’s incredibly common and incredibly annoying.

The first order of business is to get the acne under control so there are fewer areas of “injury” and inflammation to the skin. A complicated acne regimen can lead to more issues like drying, flaking, peeling skin, because so many of them rely on irritating ingredients that dry out pimple but also dry out the healthy skin surrounding the blemish.  Our super easy and effective 3 step ClariFx system keeps your acne at bay wether your in the teen years or beyond (yeah I’m talking to all of us 30-40 somethings).  We use targeted, natural ingredients to control and heal acne blemishes, while nourishing the skin with hydrating ingredients.  

To reduce the dark spots left from pimples, use our Pigment Correcting Serum nightly to all affected areas to inhibit the production of that pesky hyperpigmentation, but also, to break down and fade existing areas of unwanted pigment. This powerful serum uses 3 active ingredients to stop pigment in its tracks - Norapeptide, and plant based Rumex and alpha arbutin.
Sun exposure can cause these darker areas to appear more noticeable, so make sure to use a non greasy, non comedogenic mineral based daily sunscreens for the best results (we've got 4 amazing options).  

If acne has left you with persistent pigmentation or scarring, there are many laser options that are safe and effective for most skin types.  Using broad band light or resurfacing laser wavelengths, we can smooth skin, reduce the appearance of scarring, and even out skin tone.  

As always, talk with your dermatologist to find out what options are best for you.  

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