Wrinkles 101

“What’s the best thing for wrinkles?”
One of the most common questions I hear in my practice.

Everyone wants to look their best, and when trying to decide on a wrinkle treatment plan, we need to figure out where that wrinkle is coming from. I try to break it down for patients into 3 broad categories :

1. Wrinkles from muscle contraction. Think frown lines between the brows and crows feet, along the lateral eye. In this case, our neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport (and others) would provide muscle relaxation and often result in the softening of these lines.
2. Wrinkles from volume loss. Commonly referred to as “laugh lines” around the nose mouth, but also volume loss through the mid face (cheeks) can cause a sagging of the skin, resulting in lines or wrinkles. These wrinkles are best addressed with volume replacement with many of the awesome filler choices that we have available today.
3. And last but not least are lines and wrinkles caused from sun damage and aging of the skin. These are changes in the elasticity and tone of the skin we see as we age, that are often the result of sun damage. Excellent skin care with a topical vitamin c, broad spectrum sunscreen, and retinol can be extremely beneficial in preventing and reversing these types of lines and wrinkles. Light and laser therapies can also be very helpful in addressing many skin concerns- but let’s stick with something easy you can do at home first!
Your local skin expert can help guide you in what options are best for your skin and your skin concerns!
Have a great evening!

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