Hey guys? We are talking to you!

"I'm a guy - I don't like to put things on my skin." We must hear this 10 times a day in clinical practice, when we ask gentlemen about their skincare routine. Whaaaaat? Hold the line! There is nothing easier (or sexier) than healthy, great looking skin. We’re here to change your mentality on the topic (for the better).
We see men for all types of skin concerns: sun damage, unwanted pigment, rosacea flares, dry, flaky/irritable skin, and seborrhea, but men are the least likely to have a good skincare regimen that would have prevented all of the above. At Save the Wave Skincare, we are on a mission to give everybody great, healthy looking skin with our simple, targeted products, formulated with EVERY type of concern/color/age and gender in mind.
With all patients, we start with the basics. Do you use sunscreen? Everybody needs a good sunscreen EVERYDAY to protect our skin from the relentless effects of ultraviolet radiation. For gentlemen, one of the biggest barriers to using sunscreen that we hear is that they don't want a "greasy" feeling to their products, and a fragrance can be a turn off too. We offer 5 different sunscreens for all skin types - giving you just the right amount of moisture without a greasy feeling (fragrance free). We even have a foam sunscreen that is GREAT for hair bearing areas, like the face and arms (who wants to deal with sunscreen stuck in their arm hairs??).
For those who want to take their skincare to the next level, we've made great looking skin easy with our Men's Regimens; They include everything you need to protect and repair the skin every day.
Do you have a beard or any facial hair that you maintain? We now offer two scented vegan shave soaps and shave brushes for an enjoyable and effortless shaving experience. Finish off the routine with our Nourishing Everything Oil, as an after shave oil for added moisture. You’ll love the scent, as it also acts as a light cologne.
If you’re willing to give it a try, our simple Men’s Regimens and Shave Kits are all you need to keep that face looking dapper, clean and handsome. Trust us.
-Heather & Elena.

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