The National Rosacea Society estimates over 16 million Americans live with rosacea.
Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that can lead to redness of the face, telangectasias (broken blood vessels), pimples and pustules, textural changes, sensitivity of the skin, and even eye changes.
There are many “triggers” that worsen rosacea, and each person may have different triggers. Common triggers include: sun, hot beverages, harsh or irritating skin products, scrubbing the skin, drinking alcohol, and hot spicy foods.
Here are some tips on how to care for your skin:
  1. Many rosacea patients have sensitive skin due to a defective skin barrier, so gentle skin care is paramount. Avoid scrubbing and harsh cleansers - a gentle cleanser applied with fingertips is best.
  2. Sun is a huge “trigger” for a rosacea flare. Sunscreen with a SPF 30 or higher, should be applied daily. Use a mineral-based sunscreen to help avoid stinging and burning with application.
  3. Topical Vitamin C can be a nice addition to a morning skin care routine for many rosacea patients, as it can be anti-inflammatory -as well as anti-aging AND photoprotective.
  4. Anti aging products need to be used with caution, as many products can be irritating to sensitive rosacea skin, but an over the counter retinol can be very effective - and may even be used every other evening.
  5. Moisturizing is key. Either a bland moisturizer or non comedogenic oil is best.
Of course, there are many available prescription medications that can help rosacea sufferers minimize their symptoms, and your local dermatology group can help, but a good skin care regimen is paramount in protecting the skin barrier and decreasing the risk of flares!

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