Winter skin.

Dry, irritable skin. You know what we are talking about. You’re probably feeling it right now, in fact. I know we are, too!

There are so many reasons for us to have this terrible winter skin: eczema, the dry cold months of the season, and aging skin. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what can help, but we took the time and did the work on your behalf.

A few tips to consider for the healing process of dry, irritable skin:
1. Stock up on gentle cleansers where you would wash your face: by the sink, in the bath or shower. Make sure to use hands to lather cleansers, instead of a loofah or washcloth.
2. Turn down the water temperature when you bathe; the hotter the water, the more drying it can be.
3. Pat your skin dry with a towel and add moisturizer within 5 minutes of getting out of the bath/shower. Be gentle!
4. Moisturize each time your hands hit water. Not while you are bathing, of course.
5. Pick skin care products that are gentle, non-irritating and non-drying to the skin.
We encourage you not to be afraid to mix up your skin care regimens. Different seasons of the year and different seasons of life may require changes to our skin care routines. But don’t worry, we are here for you to lean on through all of it!

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